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Issue 7 Out Now!

Issue 1

Our first atempt at a page turning magazine. Please excuse the clunky contents manager. This Issue however contained some awesome pics and video's.

Destination - New Caledonia by Kasey Leong

Kasey takes us on a mind blowing trip to New Caledonia to experience huge GTs, Popper caught YFT and massive Dogtooth Tuna. A great destination.

Hillarys Marina by Colin Hay

A self proclaimed Hillarys addict, Colin explains what can be caught from the multitude of options available at Perth's premiere land based platform.

Trip of a Lifetime by Adam Gallash

Adam and the boyz have a ball with everything from Marlin to Sailfish, all captured with some amazing underwater video footage. These guys are crazy!

Finding the "G" Spot by Brad Bell

Brad and Jay have really sussed out the GTs around the Pilbara. Some great footage of a GT strike and some top tips on how to find where they are hiding.

Rowleys Reminiscing by Jay Burgess

Jay takes us for a memorable trip on Reel Teaser to one of WA's most exciting sportfishing destinations - The Rowley Shoals. Awesome GTs and some great fish feeding footage

Deeper Still by Tim Carson begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Tim takes a look at the latest craze of heading deep for big Greyband. This is a cautionary tale of what to expect. Out there Barotrauma is lethal, as Tim explains.

Secret Locations by David Gull

AGully and the team sneak out to a favourite location that gives up the best of North and South. Well worth the read but no hints from Gully as to where this place is, and rightfully so, we all have our own secret spots that we guard with our lives. (Shhhhh don't read this one out load.)

Marine Habitat by Ewan Buckley

Ewan introduces us to a series he will be doing on marine habitat. Why do fish congregate where they do? Why are marine structures where they are? How can I use this scientific knowledge to catch more fish?

Tantabiddi Terrors by Adam Gallash

Adam shares some awesome Coronation Trout and Coral Trout pics and sheds some light on a favourite part of the world, "The Ningaloo Reef".

Issue 2

This Issue takes us out deep and up the coast with some excellent pics and stories from the fishwrecked crew.
Issue 3

This Issue contains more awesome pics and video's. It also includes some great "How to" articles that are a must read.

Dampier Archipelago by Kasey Leong

Kasey takes us to the Pilbara and shows us how with good local knowledge you can catch huge GTs not too far from Perth.
How to make a Surf Popper by Colin Hay

Colin gives a fantastic "How to" in respect of a piece of surf fishing tackle that isn't widely used on the West Coast. After this article I think that will change.
Gumnut Gold by Colin Hay

An extension of the surf popper article, Colin creatively shows us how a simple gumnut can ne turned into an effective lure. Who would have thought.... but amazingly they do work.

"Oh that sounds pretty convincing"  by Brad Bell

Brad focusses in on the Pilbara Barra fishing as we start to head into the season, He always makes it look easy, but there is plenty of planning and preparation involved.
Exmouth Trip of a Lifetime Part II by Adam Gallash

Adam shares some awesome footage that you won't believe, Marlin attacking a sailfish underwater. Great sequence pics here too.

In Search of Reds by David Gull

Gully recounts how one fish species eluded him for years and how in time he cracked the code and tasted the success of the mighty Red Emporer.

Marine Habitat Part II by Ewan Buckley

Ewan gets deeper into what our shorelines are made up of, how they came to be and why. This fascinating look at marine geology might just give you the edge when considering where to fish next.

Issue 4

This Issue contains more awesome pics and video's. Including some of the best underwater pics you will ever see.

Solo Game Fishing by Adam Gallash

Adam shares some unbelievable underwater images of Marlin and sheds some light on the skills required to tackle solo game fishing from a tinny.

Monsters Lake by Steven Busby

Buz takes some time off from defending our country top taste the exotic species list at one of Thailand's unique impoundments. The species list of big fish is unbelievable.

Blue Skies - Clear Water by Roger Knife

Our honorary Aussie Roger travels all the way from teh UK to take a tour downunder. Along teh way he manages to score some great fish even if the weather was slightly unkind.
When BIG Isn't Always Better            by David Gull

Gully takes a look at finding new ground and how he goes about it. Clearly the smaller patches of reef tend to be less fished and hold a wide variety of species. Check out the vids!

Crabbing Season by Andy McIntyre

Just a quick reminder of rules and regulations together with a few pointers for gear and location. Summer is upon us and the family tradition of getting some crabs will see plenty hit the waterways over the next few months.

Issue 5

Our special International edition, featuring articles from Costa Rica, East Timor, Christmas Island, Thailand and much more.
Destination Costa Rica by Christof Menz

Christof and Uwe show us the joys of fly fishing for the incredible Roosterfish in one of the world's most talked about fishing destinations. Some cool video in this article along with some awesome pics.

East Timor - Atauro Adventure by Adam Gallash

Adam represents Fishwrecked Reeltime in the inaugural East Timor fishing invitational. Rubbing shoulders with presidents, he finds time to record the event and the landscape for us all to enjoy. This place is a potential tourist mecca for fishermen. It screams fish around those islands.
Christmas Island - Underwater GT Feeding by Peter Dowse

Pete gets in the water and films one of the most amazing sequences we have ever seen. Hand feeding monsterous GT's all to the heavy beats of a kick arse soundtrack. This is a must read article and absolutely must see video.

Monsters Lake Part 2  by Steven Busby

Buz completes his story about fishing the prehistoric lakes of Thailand. More amazing species in this article, and all of them whoppers!
Issue 6
More metro action plus South West WA fishwrecked comp results. A couple of must see vids of Shark Attacks. This issue has plenty to offer.

Trolling The Metro by Luke Church

Luke shows that with persistence and the right gear, trolling around metro hotspots isn't a waste of time. Some great metro Spanish Mackeral captures here along with YTKs and tuna.

"SHAAAAARK!!!!" by David Gull

Gully sheds light on what its like to dive with sharks. The video footage shows just how aggressive these creatures can be. 

Fishwrecked Southwest Comp by Damian Thomas

Damo shares some great pics taken during the inaugural Southwest comp and shows the huge diversity of fishing options down that way.

Marine Habitat (Part III)  by Ewan Buckley

Ewan focus this article on the rock and reef formations and how they came about. A very interesting article that will get you thinking about your own little rock or reef hotspot.

UFC (Underrated Fish Challenge) by Andy McIntyre

I tae a look at some underrated "neighbour's" fish and do a quick comparisson in UFC style. With the current demersal bag limits it makes sense to look more at some of these fish for the table.